City of Bath Heraldic Society Roll of Arms



The heraldic artist and author of Heraldry in Glamorgan makes it clear that these are the arms he would ask for, were he to apply for a grant. We include them here as a tribute to his art.


Blazon: Per fess dancetty Argent and Vert in chief an eagle volant head downwards to the sinister Azure in base a pale couped lozengy Argent and Sable.


Crest: Out of an astral crown Or a dragon's head erased Gules.


Mantling: Argent and Vert


Motto: Fe dÔl am daro (He will pay who strikes me)


Synopsis: Argent and Vert are the ancient colours of the Princes of Wales, who are recorded as wearing 'robes of green and white'. The eagle volant in the chief of the shield was once worn across the upper arm by all serving members of the Royal Air Force, in whose ranks he served for 28 years (1959-86). The pale couped lozengy argent and sable represents a mine shaft descending through the mountains of the Welsh valley in which he was born (black diamonds being the heraldic symbol for coal) and representing his work in the mining industry prior to joining the RAF. The astral crown in the crest is part of the badge of the Royal Air Force Regiment, in which Corps he served, and the dragon's head yet another symbol of Wales

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