City of Bath Heraldic Society Roll of Arms



Granted July 1986 to John Randle Vaudrey MBE, with the limitation extended to include the descendants of his grandfather John Clough Vaudrey.

Agent Theobald Mathew, Windsor Herald.


Arms: Or a chevron sable between in chief a lion passant holding in its dexter paw a cross formy fitchy and in base a cross flory gules.


Crest: A cock Or beaked wattled & legged gules astride a chevron reversed the inner-edges engrailed sable.


The arms are based on those used by Edward Vawdrey in 1683 (A fess between in chief a lion passant holding a cross crosslet fitchy and in base a plain cross between 4 ermine spots. A white cock for a crest). The present arms are a differenced version of these arms. The cross flory alludes to a probable French connection. The reversed chevron of the crest is a cant on the initial letter of the family surname while the engrailed inner edge together with a pheon used as a badge represents the family's military service in two World Wars.

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