City of Bath Heraldic Society Roll of Arms



Granted 21st February 1985


The bookplate was drawn by Marco Foppoli of Brescia, one of Italy's leading heraldic artists


Arms Or 3 pairs of wings conjoined in lure points upwards sable between 6 cross crosslets vert


Crest On a circlet sable edged & ermined Or between two sickles blades uppermost points inwards argent the handles gules the outer edges of the blades set with peacocks' feathers proper a demi-talbot azure langued gules.


The arms and crest reflect the personal tastes and interests of the grantee The wings could be those of the rooks or jackdaws seen on Salisbury Plain where Mr Slater has spent 20 years Wiltshire is also commemorated in the green of the crosses which in turn commemorate the 200 churches of the County of which he has recorded the heraldry Black and gold were the grantees school colours and those of the Dowdeswell family in whose house Breedon School occupied The sickles of the crest represent the Hungerford family on whose land the family home was built, while the peacock feathers reflect an interest in continental heraldry The blue demi-talbot represents an interest in dogs and Mr Slater's connection with the Bath Heraldry Society An exhibition laid on by the Society had a picture of a crest showing a talbot and this took his fancy !

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